Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mormons getting tired of protests

bam1399 said: "you have to deal with it like everyone else has to deal with things that aren't always fair in life."

Yup. That's what the protesters are doing -- 'dealing' with it.

"Majority Rule" be damned. Same sex marriage is an issue that has no physical effect on society. The effects are all in YOUR head. This crazy, irrational idea that 'marriage' is somehow 'protected' and 'defended' by disallowing stable same-sex couples the same opportunity to establish a recognized relationship that confers over 1500 rights, privileges and benefits on the pairing that are conferred by the concept 'married' is insane.

If your marriage is strong and stable, there's no way that having 7% or less of marriages be same-sex could rip that asunder.

If your marriage is unstable and in danger of falling apart, there's no way that outlawing divorce could make it stronger.

"Till death us do part" is a holdover from the middle ages, when death of one partner or the other often came within 10 years of the marriage ceremony. If the marriage was bad, stick it out.

And let's not even talk about arranged marriages, bride-prices, wives and daughters as chattel and, dare I say it, polygyny...

As to their dealing with it, I hope those who are activists for same-sex marriage start using the donor databases to find the yes-donors' identities, and approach them to have respectful, civil, but I expect rather tense discussions on the ramifications of excluding a minority from participation in a benefit you take for granted.

In other words, I'd like same-sex supporters to take a cue from the Mormon church and, using those databases as 'leads', become 'missionaries' for rights to marriage for gays and lesbian couples.

That would be a GREAT way to 'deal with it.'
suncrest: said "Okay, the protesting was amusing for a few's time to get over it. You lost fair and square. Plenty of people donated times and money to the pro-gay side and nobody is out protesting them. Life sucks, deal with it!"

This is not a football game. Or a horse race. "Gee, your team didn't win. Better luck next season..."

The only thing that really happened is that at the end of the sturggle (election) a ratchet point was set for a while.

Those that support same-sex marriage would well and truly be the losers if they just said, "Okay, you win, see you in 2010."

No, the struggle for equal rights, for freedom to marry who you really want to, (and not who you 'have to' just so you can get your bride-and-children ticket into your very own celestial universe,) will go on.

The election does not signal the end of the struggle.

Suncrest, you're going to get positively SICK of this. Calling the activists for same-sex marriage 'whiny little spoiled babies who never grew up,' or some such won't do more than make you and like mindeds feel good about yourselves.

And, what will you do about it, if it keeps on going and we don't just 'get over it'?

What WILL you do?

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