Saturday, December 6, 2008

Delaying puberty could help gender-confused teens

Article here

My comment here:
First, calling them 'gender CONFUSED' connotes that the person who is cross-gendered is suffering a delusion and those who are cis-gendered know what's 'true' and best for cross-gendered.

The cross-gendered have no delusion. They know what kind of body they have. And they know that it is wrong for them. I know that I was born with a penis, that it was a fact, and that it was something that I could not wish away. I would never be able to be a biological mother.

I learned that any attempt to behave in the manner I felt earned ostracism and punishment. In school, try as I might, I was a bully-magnet because of my un-repressable feminine nature, physical male body be damned.

When I started fighting back, my stepfather was happy that I was finally making progress at 'becoming a man.' All it did was earn a grudging respect from my tormentors, but didn't make my nature any less female.

My male body was a hindrance to the true me. I could not relate to people as I wanted, but was forced to assume a role that was unnatural.

All that changed after transition. People who know me from 'before' remark at the change, at how natural and comfortable I've become. Others automatically assume that I've always been born female.

But I've been through a male puberty, and bear the stigmata of a lowered voice and harder features, and some do notice.

I should have transitioned long ago, before a male puberty had the chance to do that damage.

Now, as to those who would label me and other transsexuals -- especially pre-teens who've known that they should be in the other segregated playgroup -- what purpose does labeling us 'confused' serve? Does it comfort those cis-gendered who experience revulsion at the mere thought of someone of one body living life in the gender role of the opposite-bodied group?

Is calling us 'confused' for our benefit, or for theirs?

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