Friday, November 28, 2008

Mormon flak tries to say no rights were taken

My comment
Nope, Dave, I disagree.

The right was there all along in the state constitution. It was just never enforced, because for too long homosexuals were one of the universal bogeymen.

That it was there all along is why, NOW, the social fundamentalists are rushing around to MAKE SURE that it's taken away in writing by getting the words 'marriage is one man and one woman only' into as many constitutions as they can. The good thing is that it takes a lot more to change the constitution of the United States than to 'amend the constitution of California. That's why the Equal Rights Amendment failed.

I have worked as a flack, so I know one when I see one. Dave, you're a flack for the LDS church, you're supposed to write this stuff. And as a fellow flack, I know that maybe, if you keep pushing the message, people will come to believe it.

But sometimes they don't. Then, what do you do?

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