Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I'm amused by the fact the article suggests LDS don't get the animosity aimed at them.

I've been as close as one can get to Mormons without being born into the church or marrying into the church. I do admire many of the social aspects. I've always been treated civilly and warmly, as long as business-push never came to -shove.

Mormons will always favour fellow Mormons over gentiles, no matter how many years the business relation or friendship has existed. All it takes is the conditions to be just right - and the gentile will be lulled into that trusting place by those warm and friendly Mormons -- and..."We're very sorry, but it's just business."

It's just like the Musical Director in Sacramento (who voluntarily resigned for the good of the organization, BTW. And I applaud his ethics in doing so.)

For 25 years he used the creative output of gays and lesbians to mount productions of musicals -- an entertainment form that attracts an audience that has a much higher gay-quotient that general forms of entertainment. 25 years he worked with and entrained a lot of LGBTs.

He votes his conscience. He gives a donation (a protected form of speech covered by the free-speech clause of the first amendment.) Word gets out, and he 1) discovers that speech, even speech (including donating) that is protected by the first amendment doesn't necessarily come FREE of consequences (that's the Sarah Palin version of constitutional rights.) and, 2) his former friends don't believe him when he says he still respects and honors them.

The naivete is -- breathtaking... Or is it really believing your own kool-aid (to mix a metaphor,) while those outside the church who've had or witnessed the rug be pulled from under non-Mormons get a truer picture of the underbelly of a society that appears to promise so much, but systematically delivers betrayal to all who are deemed not worthy?

This is either Dogpile-on-Mormons, or an opportunity for an epiphany. Try the epiphany...

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