Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Surf on over to TheRealityCheck.Org Warner Todd Huston is freaking out because the United Nations doesn't agree with his worldview wherein there are only two sexes, and we're born either one or the other and what's in your crotch is what you are and it can't be changed and there are no other possibilities and ya da ya da ya da...

His blog is moderated, so what I posted (below) may not be 'approved'. Then again, he may deign to answer, to show his superiorness over a deviant freak, or some such. We'll see if he has the huevos to support free speech even when it doesn't go his way...

Are you a Homochromosexual?

Did'ja know that there are at least THREE TIMES as many transsexuals in the U.S. military as compared to general American civilian society?


Nobody WANTS to be a transsexual. They're hoping that being in the military will make them into REAL men.

It doesn't work, but along the way they get good training in hand-to-hand combat, individual and crew-served weapons, map reading and land navigation, small-unit tactics, demolitions, and a whole host of other skills, along with the discipline. Just google Diane Schroer to see what I mean.

Oh, by the way, she pays $230 a year for her health care. $230. A. Year. It's one of the bennies for serving for 20 years on Active Duty.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Queering California education

Over at Beliefnet, a tempest in a teapot. Still, if we don't challenge the 'phobes, they'll only get worse.

Queering California education

Hmn... I've read a bunch of posts about what shouldn't be done to address bullying of LGBT students. So, please tell me what SHOULD be done to address the bullying. I'd really like to know what should have been done to address the bullying I received as I was growing up.

My mom was given DiEthylStilbesterol (DES), a synthetic estrogen, to take while pregnant with me. It would reduce the chances of miscarriage and promote healthy babies, she was told:

I was like a magnet to the bullies. They couldn't stay away. Being called 'fag' I could ignore, but a coordinated attack by 5 of them suddenly slamming me into a wall, wailing on me for 5 seconds, and then dispersing was difficult to avoid (surprise) and impossible to defend against.

I did fight back. I got good at it. The Principal would usually blame me for starting the fight, which was never the case -- I would receive the punishment(s).

But I won two-thirds of the fights, because I was so enraged at the indifferent cruelty they directed at me. And the third that won their fight with me paid for their victories with visible wounds. I was lucky, luckier than most who are bullied.

My first stepfather was relieved I was standing up for myself -- he was afraid I was turning into a homosexual. He thought it would teach me to be a 'man'. And to maintain and enhance my safety, I joined the Marine Corps, hoping it WOULD make a man out of me. Many of us do join the military for just that reason. There are three times as many transsexuals (in denial) in the United States military as there are in the general civilian population.

DES feminized the brains of one in five 'sons' born to women who took it while pregnant. In contrast, Thalidomide only produced limb deformities in 1 of 10 children whose mothers took it.

So, what should be done to address the bullying? Should it be handled just the way it was in my case, with the adults in charge looking the other way? With parents hoping it might cure me of (they thought) becoming a homosexual? Should children prone to being bullied be educated in segregated facilities, separated from the 'normal' children?

What is your SOLUTION to bullying?