Sunday, July 26, 2009

Are Transgender People Mentally Ill?


The post titled

Are Transgender People Mentally Ill?

is another diatribe by a member of the gay community against the transgender community. The misinformation and the pronouncements add up to yet another gay who is disgusted and revolted by transgenders.

Here's my reply. The blog has moderation on. And with my sharp, sarcastic and snarky tone, I kind of doubt the blog owner will have the guts to allow posting.

Your headline is a statement which is deceptively phrased as a question.

Factually, Chas has never become successful like his famous mother. Please cite where Chas has said that this is a goal of his — to become famous like his mother.

Factually, cross-gender hormone therapy that is pursued long enough will indeed produce effects that are irreversible. Please provide evidence you use to support your suggesting that Chas will regret irreversibly changing his body.

It is factually correct that the APA classifies GID as a ‘disorder’. But this classification medicalizes the transition, and provides legitimate avenues to transitioners to receive medical care and supervision in their transition.

In referring to the gender reassignment surgeries, you use a term that has a negative connotation and is emotionally loaded — ‘mutilation.’

Additionally I see no evidence you have any concept of GRS procedures used on female-to-male transitioners. How many male-to-female transitioners have a phallus surgically constructed? Most? Half? Some?

That you lack basic understanding of the transgender experience is evident from your post. I urge you to get ‘Transgender 101′ before attempting to write another post on a subject for which you have very little factual information.

And when you do write another post, please work harder at losing the ‘ohMiGawd!! trnsgenders are just so ICKY!!’ tone that I felt this piece contained in spades…

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fed protections based on sexual orientations to pass U.S. Senate

Over at the Illinois Review (crossroads of the conservative community), they're ranting about the Matthew Shepard hate crimes bill--

Both Illinois U.S. Senators Dick Durbin and Roland Burris supported providing federal monies to states and local jurisdictions to prosecute "hate crimes" based on an individual's "perceived or actual" sexual orientation, opening the way for federal protection for transgenders, cross-dressers, bisexuals and sexually- confused persons.
The mainstream media isn't stroking their bigotry hard enough, so they're going to the Concerned Women of America for their fix...

My reply

I'm a retired Sergeant First Class. I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 1975, and became an Aviation Ordnance Munitions technician. I finished my four-in-the-corps and did various odd jobs for 5 years before enlisting in the Army.

I was a company clerk, then Supply Sergeant in Combat Engineers, before reclassifying as a Military Journalist/Broadcaster. In 1999, my unit was sent to Bosnia (while it was a combat zone.) I got paid $900 combat pay and paid no federal income tax for the nine months we were there. I was aware that my broadcast videocamera was an attractive bullet-magnet whenever our mission took us outside the wire.

I was on duty on 11 Sep 01. I coordinated liaison with local broadcast and print media, scheduling access to subject-matter experts, facilitating the flow of critical information to the public.

I retired in late 2002 and went to college. But I found a civilian position at a nearby military installation, and am once again a broadcaster/journalist.

By the way, about three years ago, I (finally) had my epiphany, and began the long process of changing my gender. I still have the same job (with a couple of promotions) that I had when I started. But I have a new gender-appropriate name, and use the other restroom.

Three other members of my old active-duty major command have also made the gender switch. Four of us. That we know of. In a 2000-soldier command.

Thank us for our service. We each gave 20+ years defending our nation. We deserve the respect.

We deserve being treated as equals to you.