Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Other McCain: $500,000 transsexual bailout

The blog owner has moderation on this blog. I have a place to post my comment that he may or may not approve. We shall see...

He said, in reference to Col Diane Schroer winning a judgment of a half-million dollars in her discrimination case:

You could also view this as a violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act, since Shroer is an amputee.

I replied:

OneCleverCookie said...

"The inmates are running the asylum."

Yeah, and they have very good skills with demolitions, weapons, tactics, and hand-to-hand fighting.

Another scary thought: The military actually ATTRACTS transgenders. See -- it's called 'the male protest' by the part of the medical community that specializes in gender issues and provides medical supervision and services to transitioners.

Basically, you're born with the wrong brain for your body. You naturally want to behave in a certain manner, but parents, relatives -- in fact a vast conspiracy by society -- won't let you be yourself. You get punished for behaving 'that way'

So, if you got stuck with female brains in a male body, the military looks GREAT! Maybe all that MACHO will cure you once and for all.

But, there's nothing to cure. So joining the military (or getting married, or doing extreme sports,) can't fix what ain't broken.

But we pick up great skills along the way (and some of them can be quite lethal...)

I was a part of a 2,000-soldier major command in the army. I'm one of four transwomen (male-to-female transsexuals.)

Two of them I personally know from active duty. The third, we know so many people in common we wonder why our paths never crossed.

4 in 2,000. One in 500. Three of us are 'amputees', the fourth is stalled due to economic problems.

And we have all been to leadership and management training, so we're well-qualified to run the asylum you yourselves are also members of.

Have a nice day...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Is anti-discrimination protection for transsexuals a relevant issue for New Hampshire?

Is anti-discrimination protection for transsexuals a relevant issue for New Hampshire?

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The TeleTalk question: Is anti-discrimination protection for transsexuals a relevant issue for New Hampshire?

Call 356-2550 all day Saturday and Sunday and leave your comments on our machine. You may fax your response at 356-8360 or send E-mail to Results are published on Tuesday.

My e-mail:


It's a relevant issue.

Transgenders are fired for transitioning. Or not hired. They are denied housing. Sometimes they pass just fine, and are accepted as the gender they are presenting (female-to-male transgenders, especially.) But then somehow their trans history becomes known. Coworkers suddenly shun them and treat them as second-class undesirables with impunity.

The trans worker is no less able to carry out their job than they were before the 'discovery'. But now, coworkers can treat the trans-person in a disrespectful manner, bosses can demote/discipline/fire the trans person, landlords can evict or deny housing. Because they now 'know'.

One assumption appears to be that it's easy for a man to dress up as a woman. I would encourage all who wish to prove that it is to try it.

Another is that males who want to be women are somehow crazy and we must do everything in our power to prevent them from behaving like women. Sorry. there is an exponentially growing stack of research that concludes that a percentage of humans are born with brains hard-wired for the sex opposite to their bodies. One of the best collections to this research is at

Finally, is the opposition to this discrimination protection really about attempting to deny 'sexual predators' a loophole, or is it really about maintaining the 'right' to punish with impunity trans-persons for attempting to go against society and be/become who they truly are?


Karen J. Savage

P.S., I'm posting this e-mail in several places on the internet as evidence I wrote and submitted it.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Words Are Working Hard For You

Words Are Working Hard For You

By Suzan at

Women Born Transsexual

My comment:


Clinically/academically, you're right about transsexual vs. transgender.

You can be right, and still lose, though.

Use [Google blog search (beta)] to look up Transgender. There are 461,684 page hits. Most of them are about trans rights, and transition, and where do I get hormones/counseling/etc.

Now search transsexual. 380,343 page hits, with words like horny, slut, fetish, and a lot, lot worse.

I'm a DES son. Mom went to medical school, we always had a PDR in the house. I'm post-op. I transitioned on the job and still work there. I'm not a horny slutty [____] (etc, etc, etc,) but a valued employee.

In a perfect world, transsexual and transgender would mean what you say they mean. But they don't yet, and they won't for a while. Meanwhile, to those co-workers for whom my transition is still a big deal, I'm 'transgender', because it ain't got nuthin' ta' do with SEX.

If that's' what it takes to keep the peace in my little corner of the cosmos...