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Someone asked why religion hates gays. There are religions that accept gays as part of the human condition. It's Social Fundamentalists (sometines referred to as Conservatives) who hate gays.

George Lakoff, in his book Moral Politics, suggests the worldview that these social fundamentalists hold that would motivate them to stop ANY sort of gay rights and equality:

Or go to, look up "Moral Politics" Lackoff, and then navigate to Pg 225.

The thing that drives the Social Fundamentalists the craziest is that a same-sex family is an utter repudiation of the 'traditional' father-is-in-command-mother-is-subordinate-both-rule-the-children family that is also the metaphor for their worldview of society (think Prez Bush's "I'm the Decider!" comment.)

And in their worldview, 'the gay problem' is just a small part of what's wrong with society. But that's why they absolutely and utterly have to hold the line on gay marriage, because if it becomes reality, it WILL destroy their worldview based on the "Stern Father" moral reality they live by.

And until those who support the rights of same-sex couples to marry understand this worldview, and from that understanding can anticipate their behaviour (rather than writing them off as 'ignorant' or 'crazy',) they will continue to hold on and gain the upper hand in ways which we see as reprehensible but they see as absolutely morally necessary.

Read the chapter, f'r crissake! H[eck], read the whole d[arned] book!


The "whiny losers" comment, one too many times, got to me. Two back-to-back posts here

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