Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Posted to the CBS comments page

Posted to the CBS comments page

RE: Transgender skit on the Letterman show.

I'm a transwoman. The skit in question reinforces the idea that transwomen deceive and trick heterosexual males into having sex with someone who is 'really a man'. And being 'deceivers' transwomen bring violence and death upon themselves. The "I was deceived" trans-panic defence has been used in every trial of a murdered transwoman, most recently by Allen Ray Andrade for the murder of transwoman Angie Zapata in Greeley CO. Last night's 'skit' only perpetuated the idea of transwoman as sick, mentally unstable, predatory, and deserving of elimination. More than an on-air apology by David Letterman is required here. The producers of this show, and CBS would do well to book prominent transwomen such as Ms. Simpson, Professor Lynn Conway, Dr. Marci Bowers, Col Diane Schroer, and others as featured guests on the show.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Lisa Miller and daughter disappear in contempt of court order

Lisa Miller and daughter disappear in contempt of court order


What if a married traditional couple tried to conceive, but it was found that, for whatever reason, the man was infertile. Let's also say they're Muslim (but not practicing.) The couple agrees to artificial insemination. Three years later, the wife divorces. She get's custody, but her husband gets liberal visitation rights. Then, she converts to Christianity. Does she have the right to deny her former husband ANY visitation with the child? After all, he's infertile, so he didn't contribute any genetic material. And he's still a Muslim, even though he doesn't go to mosque. Does he lose all visitation rights?

Another moderated right-wing blog

Another moderated right-wing blog;

Hi, Jeff. It’s funny – when people find out I’m a transwoman, they ask me if I’m wearing a wig (no, it’s real hair.) One guy asked if ‘transwoman’ meant I was going to change into a guy (I took that as an unintended compliment). Like Ms. Simpson, and like Col Diane Schroer, I have military experience (I’m retired from the Army.)

The military attracts latent transwomen, hoping it will ‘cure’ them of their ’shameful secret.’ It doesn’t do that — it only gives us skills in leadership, marksmanship, crew-served weapons, demolitions, and other things the military does well.

Since the ending of the draft and the institution of the all-volunteer army, less than one percent of the population has military experience. But among transwomen, it’s more like 5% Doesn’t that just blow your mind?