Friday, January 1, 2010

Another moderated right-wing blog

Another moderated right-wing blog;

Hi, Jeff. It’s funny – when people find out I’m a transwoman, they ask me if I’m wearing a wig (no, it’s real hair.) One guy asked if ‘transwoman’ meant I was going to change into a guy (I took that as an unintended compliment). Like Ms. Simpson, and like Col Diane Schroer, I have military experience (I’m retired from the Army.)

The military attracts latent transwomen, hoping it will ‘cure’ them of their ’shameful secret.’ It doesn’t do that — it only gives us skills in leadership, marksmanship, crew-served weapons, demolitions, and other things the military does well.

Since the ending of the draft and the institution of the all-volunteer army, less than one percent of the population has military experience. But among transwomen, it’s more like 5% Doesn’t that just blow your mind?

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