Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Surf on over to TheRealityCheck.Org Warner Todd Huston is freaking out because the United Nations doesn't agree with his worldview wherein there are only two sexes, and we're born either one or the other and what's in your crotch is what you are and it can't be changed and there are no other possibilities and ya da ya da ya da...

His blog is moderated, so what I posted (below) may not be 'approved'. Then again, he may deign to answer, to show his superiorness over a deviant freak, or some such. We'll see if he has the huevos to support free speech even when it doesn't go his way...

Are you a Homochromosexual?

Did'ja know that there are at least THREE TIMES as many transsexuals in the U.S. military as compared to general American civilian society?


Nobody WANTS to be a transsexual. They're hoping that being in the military will make them into REAL men.

It doesn't work, but along the way they get good training in hand-to-hand combat, individual and crew-served weapons, map reading and land navigation, small-unit tactics, demolitions, and a whole host of other skills, along with the discipline. Just google Diane Schroer to see what I mean.

Oh, by the way, she pays $230 a year for her health care. $230. A. Year. It's one of the bennies for serving for 20 years on Active Duty.

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