Friday, June 26, 2009

Obama to trannies: I've got your back

Obama to trannies: I've got your back

A very snarky piece, filled with misinformation (and disinformation.) Here's my comment

First: "Tranny', when applied to a car, is slang for transmission. But 'tranny' when applied to a human being is derogatory and implies that the person so labeled is less than human.

Second: The article said "In essence, the federal government ended up paying for the sex change operation and a lifetime supply of makeup," which trivializes the the salary that was denied to COL Schroer by the wrongful actions of Library of Congress.

Third: The figure of 1 in 11,000 was arrived at with little or no rigorous research -- and in fact may have been chosen for political purposes so as to minimise the issue.

Professor Lynn Conway has performed a more rigorous, repeatable and verifiable study in which she polled those surgeons who perform Gender Reassignment Surgery. Based on the number of surgeries performed on male-bodied American citizens, she came up with a lower bound of 1 in 2,500 and an upper bound of 1 in 500 male-bodied American citizens between the ages of 18 and 65 have HAD Gender Reassignment Surgery.

Let's pick a number close to the lower bound -- say, 1 in 2,000. That's 5 times more than the outdated figure of 1 in 11,000 this article quotes.

And it means there are at least around 150,000 male-to-female American citizens alive today.

How about 1,350 male-to-female transgender employees? And the APA figures for female-to-male are even worse. Trans-men (female to male) are a lot harder to spot. They get deep male voices and grow beards and get male-pattern baldness. They pass much better and are much harder to spot and count.

This article repeats innuendo, half-truths, misconceptions and some outright lies, presented in a snarky manner that denies the humanity of a transgendered person. Please prepare for an onslaught. Better yet, take this page down and turn off commenting.

Very respectfully;


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