Sunday, February 15, 2009

Is Gay the Way?

Is Gay the Way?

Morehouse student says weaves and purses are too much

I wrote:

Oh. My. God. Gerren, you have truly let your anxieties out. Have you ever been told, "Whatever you do, for the next thirty seconds, DON'T think of an elephant!" You of course, hearing the word 'elephant', automatically think of a big grey pachyderm.

Homosexuality is the same way for you. When you even think of two guys in the same kind of relationship that cross-gender couples are encouraged and even celebrated to have, your mind immediately thinks of [_______] and [_______] and [_______], doesn't it. Face it, YOU filled in those blanks with something much more disturbing to you than I could ever describe. Don't think of an elephant!

TEH GAYZ are not throwing it in your face, YOU are throwing it in your face. You can get away with hugging, kissing and even some pretty steamy making out in public with your girlfriend. You can keep a picture of her with you, and show your buds, and even talk proudly about the nasty you got last night (if they're close enough friends, of course.)

A gay male dares to hold hands with his intimate partner, and you flip They're quite robustly throwing what they do in privacy in your face? Who started it?. Don't think of an elephant!

Then you bring up that old saw that a transgender is somehow 'super-gay', and is an extreme but natural progression. NEWS FLASH! Gays/lesbians and transgenders don't mix. They are not naturally alike. They are different There are gays and lesbians that are revolted by transgenders as much as you. Don't think of an elephant!

Then there's the loss of 'pen is' anxiety that thinking of transgenders brings on. "The surgery' actually preserves almost all of the nerve-ending-bearing outer tissue, and places it, nerves and all, in the anatomically correct position. Just like you, gays are happy they have a 'pen is', and wouldn't give it up because they are men where it counts, between the ears. (Don't think of an elephant!)

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