Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mistrial declared in police beating case involving transgender prisoner

Over at The Commercial Appeal, Memphis, Tennessee I was told that "Because you are a new commenter, your comment will need to be approved by site staff before appearing on the site."

It's another chance for the homophobes and/or transphobes to shine.

For example,NikM755: sums up the attitude more succinctly than I've ever seen it before:

You either understand whats right and wrong or you don't. I think you already know the answer to your statement.

You either have a moral compass or you don't.

Isn't as perfect as me? Dwanna is deviant. I follow the bible and I would never wind up in a jail, pretending to be a woman, as a drug addict, a prostitute and the situation could never occur.

If i was on the jury, i'd have a complete understanding that McRae has a chance at life and Dwanna was left by God.

There is absolutely no way that I would convict McRae on anything other then a misdeamnor assault charge.

Dwanna ended life with no where to go. It happened because he chose his life and if he had a moral compass (the bible) to by the situation would have never occured neither would his murder.

I have no compassion for people that are left by God. And its obvious that he was.

On the off chance they'll deny my comments, I've posted them here.

When mom was pregnant with me, the doctor prescribed diethylstilbesterol (DES), a synthetic estrogen thought to prevent miscarriage and 'produce healthy babies'.

It has a little side effect, though. It feminizes the brains of boy babies while still in the womb.

Although I tried to act like a boy growing up, that pesky girl behaviour would break out and attract bullies to me. I got real good at fighting back, though. That passive, turn-the-other-cheek stuff only eggs the bullies on. Returning fire, though, dealt with THAT particular bully, and put the other potential bullies on notice (not that some didn't feel threatened by my win and their friends' saying they were a p___y if they didn't go beat up the p___y kid...)

It's interesting that in every case, when hauled to the principal's office, I found out I had started the fight. Of course, the principal believed my attackers, sent them back to class, and then administered the spanking to me.

My step-father was glad I was getting into fights. It meant that he didn't have to beat the gay out of me any more. Funny, I wasn't interested in being with a guy that way at all. But everybody seemed to assume that my display of feminine (or at least, unmasculine) behaviour HAD TO mean I was 'latent homosexual'. Of course, that meant I was bringing these beatings on myself. If I'd only just stop resisting and 'man up'...

I was raised in a Southern Baptist church. Great fun, that. Other kids only had to accept Jesus into their hearts but once. For some reason, I was an especial target, and some adult or other would get it in their head that the last time didn't stick, and THEY were going to be the one to make a lasting difference in me. What that difference was, I had no idea at the time. Now I understand. the attraction -- the thing they wanted to get credit from God for helping heal -- was a boy-who-behaves-like-a-little-girl. I accepted Jesus as my personal saviour dozens and perhaps hundreds of times -- I've lost count.

And it wasn't like I was stealing cookies from the church kitchen, or starting fights by the swingset. Other kids did that, and only had to receive God but once. Just like school, I'd get pushed to the ground, defend myself against a beating, get blamed for starting the fight, get spanked by a church adult, and finish by accepting Jesus into my heart yet again.

My paperwork is in order. But there are hundreds of databases where my old name lies dormant.

Let's say I'm pulled over for a vehicle code violation, and the officer does a routine wants-and-warrants, and [old male name] pops up. Let's also say that the officer has a tendency to be disgusted by [homosexuals]. How should I behave when he makes it very clear that (he thinks) I'm confused, disturbed, mentally unstable, etc? What do I do when I get sucker-punched? How do I legally fight the charge of disorderly/assault/resisting, when I did my best to be respectful/passive (even submissive) and yet the beating continued? Nobody's gonna' believe a crazy [extreme-homosexual] anyway.

NikM755 (I have no compassion for people that are left by God,) would agree I deserve what I get. My crime? Dressing in women's clothes, taking female hormones, growing my hair long, changing my name, and living 24/7/365 as female. For that, I deserve scorn and disgust and beatings and firings, etc., etc., etc.

Now, a little game. Anybody can play. This is your chance to tell the truth here in the comments section.

What is the correct form of address for a male-to-female transsexual? Ms.? Mr.?

Now a female-to-male transsexual – Mr.? Ms.?

Since it seems that the public generally hypersexualizes transfolk, a couple of questions about orientation.

Is a male-to-female transsexual who has had the surgery and is sexually attracted to women Gay? Lesbian? Straight?

How about a female-to-male transsexual attracted to men? Gay? Lesbian? Straight?

What is it that motivates a guy to decide to live the rest of his life as a woman?

Assume there’s no cure for a guy who thinks he’s a girl. What should society do about anyone who can’t be reasonably dissuaded from doing this.

Remember, your answers are the right answers. Tell the truth. I look forward to seeing your responses.

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