Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Other McCain: $500,000 transsexual bailout

The blog owner has moderation on this blog. I have a place to post my comment that he may or may not approve. We shall see...

He said, in reference to Col Diane Schroer winning a judgment of a half-million dollars in her discrimination case:

You could also view this as a violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act, since Shroer is an amputee.

I replied:

OneCleverCookie said...

"The inmates are running the asylum."

Yeah, and they have very good skills with demolitions, weapons, tactics, and hand-to-hand fighting.

Another scary thought: The military actually ATTRACTS transgenders. See -- it's called 'the male protest' by the part of the medical community that specializes in gender issues and provides medical supervision and services to transitioners.

Basically, you're born with the wrong brain for your body. You naturally want to behave in a certain manner, but parents, relatives -- in fact a vast conspiracy by society -- won't let you be yourself. You get punished for behaving 'that way'

So, if you got stuck with female brains in a male body, the military looks GREAT! Maybe all that MACHO will cure you once and for all.

But, there's nothing to cure. So joining the military (or getting married, or doing extreme sports,) can't fix what ain't broken.

But we pick up great skills along the way (and some of them can be quite lethal...)

I was a part of a 2,000-soldier major command in the army. I'm one of four transwomen (male-to-female transsexuals.)

Two of them I personally know from active duty. The third, we know so many people in common we wonder why our paths never crossed.

4 in 2,000. One in 500. Three of us are 'amputees', the fourth is stalled due to economic problems.

And we have all been to leadership and management training, so we're well-qualified to run the asylum you yourselves are also members of.

Have a nice day...

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