Sunday, March 8, 2009

Judge to rule on confession in Zapata killing

Judge to rule on confession in Zapata killing

Greeley Tribune - Greeley, CO

Frank2; Say the defendant found out that Angie was a trans-woman (male body, okay?) while she was at work. Say he waited around for her to get home after ascertaining this bit of information. How is it murder-second? He had plenty of time to just leave. But (in this hypothetical situation) he stayed -- why? In an earlier news story, it was reported he had said to a female friend at the jail (where they monitor the conversations,) "Gay things must die."

Different hypothetical. Andrade was clueless when Angie came home. Somehow he found out Angie was pre-op (meaning, she had not had the sex change operation and thus still had her male junk.) Please tell me just how he found out. Did he grab her crotch? Did it feel like any other male's crotch? Why would touching something like that automatically make his actions murder-two and not murder-one? Please explain...

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